24 Photos that clearly show why women live longer than men

Scientists have studied demographic data of a few tragic episodes of the story and concluded that women live longer than men, even in difficult conditions. However, the reasons of such a reality are not yet entirely clear. There are a few assumptions; one of them explains that this phenomenon occurs by an increased tendency on the part of men toward risk.

Great.guru brought together 24 evidence to show that wherever you are: at a construction site, at home or descasando, it has no sense to say “take care” of a man. Look at it and don’t try to repeat it.

24. Photo taken from the 33rd floor. Some guys work without any kind of security

23. Much better than any ladder

22. Do not switch on the press, I just need a second

21. The recklessness and the courage in one

20. When you apasionas a lot with work

19. “I’m going to hang me on Shanghai”

18. I want to believe that he has everything planned

17. When you don’t have eye protection on hand, but you don’t need

16. No seats and no insurance at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour

15. We do not know if this helmet protects you from something, but it looks very stylish

14. Hopefully this department is located on the first floor

13. A true heavy metal

12. When the survival instinct sleeps heavily

11. Who needs heavy load vehicles when you have a pick up?

10. And who needs a pick up when you have a trailer?

9. Fear not, we will argue

8. Electricians flying

7. Hopefully they know what they’re doing

6. A true selfie of men

5. With the head he went to work

4. Effective protection: a plastic bag

3. “I saw this guy on a freeway full at rush hour”

2. “A rack without a ensure to 9 meters of height. We will use it for a few more years”

1. When you need a super speed

Do you have your own theory as to why men live less than women?

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