24 Photos that might convince people anti-pets get a furry friend

According to a study published in the year 2012, to be in contact with an animal can reduce the stress that humans suffer due to various factors. Pets help you deal with depression and can greatly enhance the mood of a person. This is why it is very hard to believe that there are so many people who don’t like animals, including cats and dogs.

In Great.guru we have found the most majestic and tender photos of animals that will make even the coldest fall in love with.

1. Mom’s Corgi feels exhausted

2. The language makes him play with the ears

3. Rabbit Corgi

4. “I’m just practicing yoga”

5. “My legs as chicken legs are stronger than they seem.”

6. A little kiss to start the day!

7. Overload of happiness

8. A costume, homemade for Halloween

9. “Only just woke up”

10. Love knows no limits

11. Instructions: do not add water

12. “Yes, please, bring me that fish cakes”

13. The best blanket for the rainy days

14. Their need for attention and love is equal

15. Fellow siesta

16. “Oh, someone near me please this cookie!”

17. “Mommy, please can you let me go?”

18. After all, love is love

19. Beautiful mother daughter relationship

20. Jumping fences just to get a hug

21. “If you could only feel”

22. “We can also be playful”

23. Trying to sniff out the tulip

24. Your first kiss

Do you think that having a furry friend makes your life more happy? Please share your opinion and photos of your pets with us in the comments section.

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