24 Stories in which the revenge was especially sweet

They say that revenge is sweet, but not anyone dares to protect themselves from abusers.

To demonstrate that even the evil things smaller always receive their punishment, Great.guru gathered in these 23 stories, where he won the justice and the offender found his punishment.

At the end of the article, you will discover how an american actor invented an original way of dealing with their fans.

24. Occupy two spaces in the parking lot is a real crime. And this is a punishment worthy.

23. It is also a good way to punish the offender.

22. This is easier, but is more sophisticated.

21. “I saw how they threw the garbage on the street, I found the address of the offender and got it back”.

20. “I asked to be removed from the car and sent me to hell. I saw how he went to the bathroom and now I’m waiting for your apologies”.

19. As well responded to the urban artists to this act.

18. This is what can lead to fights with the neighbor, especially, when their garages are so close together.

17. Dad knows how to cut the whims of a child.

16. This little girl was bothering the peacock in the park and when she turned around, he decided to charge with a vengeance.

15. Cats remember everything.

14. And the dogs also.

13. And this dog has its principles.

12. The revenge the ex-girlfriend.

11. “I vengué cat to be running above the laptop all the time.”

10. It was their fault.

9. Sometimes it is not necessary to get even by your account. Life will do it for you.

8. Here is another proof.

7. The animals know what is justice.

6. Karma instant.

5. “After the divorce, my wife just left me for their wedding dress. We found many different uses”.

4. “My boss, I sprayed compressed air. I was prepared for revenge.”

3. “When my room neighbor returned to the house, in your room were waiting for 400 balloons”.

2. “But soon they took revenge, and wrapped it all in my room with paper wrapper”.

1. When the service was too bad.

Bonus: treats people as they treat you.

The american actor Cole Sprouse is often recognized on the street and looking to photograph it. Sometimes they do it with too much insistence. Cole found an original way to take advantage of such attention: when you notice that someone is shooting, pulls out his mobile and takes a picture of that person too, then upload the image to your Instagram and puts an ironic commentary.

Have you ever witnessed a vengeance ironic? I share it in the comments!

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