24 Samples of the girls and the problems they are made for each other

If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, then perhaps we should admit that Venus has the greater part of the magnetic storms, meteor showers and other downloads cosmic. Otherwise, how else can we explain this never-ending stream of curious happenings and uncomfortable situations from which he suffers constantly of the half of humanity?

Great.guru knows first-hand how difficult it is sometimes to be a girl in the modern world, and seeks to give something of women’s solidarity to the protagonists of this new collection.

“The dentist operated on me under general anesthesia, and I don’t remember anything at all. But judging by these photos on my phone, the anesthesia didn’t affect me”

The prince of the TWENTY-first century

“During the next week you can see me with this lovely burn from curling iron”

The moment the destination sends you clear signs that it is best to stay away from the kitchen

Every girl who has ever been on a diet will recognize this facial expression

“And with and without makeup. But as I see linda”

Men do not understand at all the obvious rules

“I wanted to relax with a face mask. But don’t relax at all! There’s not a cut to the mouth! I can’t speak, can’t breathe and I look like a villain from the comic books!”

“During 5 years I did with success the correction of the eyebrows, but I removed the half with the wax today. I send help!”

What’s good in any situation you can always rely on friends

“This cream cost me 40 USD!”

Rule of fashion that works without exceptions

“So this is how I want to spend the evening after a hard day of work”

Karl Marx. Edition glamorous, reprint

“Born to go shopping. Sentenced to work.”

Chose the first point, are the queens of self-control

Oh, if all the clothes could lose weight so much!

What they have to sacrifice women for the beauty

“Thanks, mask, expected to have an effect a little different”

“Goodbye, favourite jacket! I put it in the dryer, forgetting that the lipstick was in my pocket”

The unsolved mystery of the female physiology

Use the stilettos a sport of the possessing spirit

The first rule of a selfie successful: you can never forget the mirrors!

“I showered and I dropped my phone in the water. Before falling he managed to do this photo”

Malice of the fashionable clothes accessible

How recently you’ve had that experience a few situations so uncomfortable?

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