24 a Lousy job in Photoshop that are so bad that up to are good

The professionals that really know how to use Photoshop to create stunning photos: they are able to disguise flaws better than any make-up or portray fantastic worlds. Many people are inspired by your example and begin to experiment, but things don’t always go well.

Great.guru brought together 22 works, bad but fun of Internet users who shared their work with pride and courage.

Cat Kong

Nostalgia by the sea

Why so slow?

Somewhere in north America of another dimension

Big boss Hawk

Mmm, falafel

Take a photo as if it was mine

The kitten of Napoleon

Deer inflatable, the precursor of the apocalypse

“I asked my friend who photoshopeara the dog, as if I hug him”

And the gold medal is for…

Game of naps

Lord judge, can I pet him?

Catch me

Hey, human, it brings out all of your pockets!

But I don’t want to be the king of the jungle

Please do not feed the squirrels

The romance in our neighborhood

A well-coordinated

A advertising unobtrusive

A wedding photo too creative

Came to photoshopearse for the summer

Not anyone can

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