24 Evidence of that in this world you cannot trust anyone, not even your partner

Perhaps men and women speak different languages, but the language of the jokes is exactly the same. And how do you explain if not that even a single relationship can do without the humor and typical punctures? For example, what you could compare the ability of a woman forcing her boyfriend to pierce the belly button after winning a bet?

Great.guru carefully chose the jokes hottest lovers that help to maintain a lasting relationship marked by mutual understanding and humor. After all, your other half, no matter what happens, is that person that you always have closer.

“I just heard a scream of ‘I hate You!’ from the bathroom”

“My wife just decided to remind me that sometimes it seems That (It)”

“My husband insisted that Nicolas Cage was beautiful. Now, you enjoy your new pillow”

“I asked my wife to buy me donuts and that’s what he did with them”

“My wife and I went to see the movie ‘It’ and now she is afraid of his own shadow. I had to hide the balloon for six hours in the closet. Now, when you reach the dark, I left it in the hallway”

“I placed these soldiers on the side of my husband. He will not know anything until you lie down to sleep”

“My wife wanted all the neighbors to realize that I was getting old”

“Happy 40th birthday, Matt!”

“My husband asked me for a small breakfast and I turned your order to 100 %”

“My boyfriend prepared for me a surprise romantic”

“My parents, on vacation in Florida. My father agreed to take a photo of my mother, swimming in the ocean. And this was the result”

Oh, these bags of woman’s treacherous…

“My girlfriend fell asleep and I took off her false eyelashes and made him a mustache”

“I prepared a cake for my husband for Valentine’s day”

“I accept you”.

“So this is how my girlfriend put the mirror in the bathroom”

“2,400 USD by putting together a computer, and what? For my girlfriend to play with her in The Sims 4”

“I surprised my girlfriend with a romantic dinner”

“I lost the bet with my girlfriend. Now I have to live with this piercing pink”

“My boyfriend said that it could not prepare the burrito bigger and disgusting. Challenge accepted”

“My girlfriend constantly takes pictures of me when we travel. Today I showed these photos”

“My dear bride writes me notes on the snacks I took to work”

“I’ve poisoned your food.”

“By the looks of it, today I have to sleep on the carpet next to the bed”

“We went together to a shop ‘Everything for the home’. I was bored and I made burgers with cheese, thanks to some coasters”

“My girlfriend asked me to try it”

At that moment the man in the blue shirt regretted having been in this place

And what you’ve been involved in similar situations with your partner?

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