24 Evidence that the owners of the pets should receive a medal for his angelic patience

We love our pets, but the life next to them you could compare with a second job or another child in the family. Carpets destroyed, torn screens, food stolen, the habit of attracting all the attention towards them or, on the contrary, refuse categorically to give up, they are only a small part of the list that almost all pet owners know memory.

Great.guru has prepared for you a new selection of photos that demonstrate that a pet is almost always a small catastrophe to that, however, we worship the same.

Well, this situation has a positive side: there will be new carpet

And where did you like to sit your pet?

You’ll have to forget about personal space

When you strive a lot for your pet to be more comfortable, but it is in vain

Is very proud of its new door

Not ashamed of nothing

A small shock after the consultation with the veterinarian

“Several months ago, our cat, doesn’t let us watch tv”

An attempt to make a cute picture with a pet usually ends well

He preferred a pack of eggs to 5 beds and 11 chairs soft

Bathe the dog and then regain her trust is a mission apart

“The reason why we hide the toilet paper in the closet”

But, what you missed there, buddy?

It seems that the blinds and the pets are incompatible

“The cat ran away. What we found the next day on the other side of the window, in the room of our son”

“I was screaming at the drops of water for 3 fucking minutes”

“My cat learned how to gather food with his collar elizabethan and stole the taco when I turned around for a second”

“Hey, leave your things and feed me already, silly human!”

“The reason why I cannot have nice things”

It looks like the hunting of squirrels of a husky. It seems that it broke

“The cat saw me put a garland for 2 hours and then the ripped”

“Hey, can you take me to work with you?”

“What cat? No, I have not seen none”

When finally you had the intention of studying, but the cat came before you

— Can you give Me the paw?
— Nah.

What should be prepared by a person who has decided to have a pet? Tell us your funny story.

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