24 Situations where the simple solution of problems crossed boundaries

“I’ll show you how to desacostumbrar a dog of bad habits with the help of Darth Vader”, “I will show you how to assemble a bed bags”, “I’ll tell You how a selfie will help you find a suitcase at the airport.” So you could call the master classes prepared by the protagonists of the selection today. After all, for them, the main task in any business is to find an approach not standard.

Great.guru found photos of people who are likely to visit a fitness center secret where you do not train the muscles, but the ingenuity.

“When you work in the airport, we see different ways to label your suitcase to that then it is easier to find. Today we saw this”

It is not surprising that it is a excellent student

“My girlfriend and I used to dream about with an enormous mirror in the bedroom, but we didn’t want to spend a lot of money. We find in a settlement these small mirrors to the closet for 4 USD each”

“The director did this for me because I always forget to bring a knife to work”

“Knife Mikey”.

They knew on what to bet

“Tips. On a scale of 1 USD to 10 USD, how attractive are you?”

When you lacked a little bit of a barrier

It seems that this type came to us from the future

If you want to convert a normal keyboard in a keyboard for games

When it’s cold and you did a pedicure

“To quickly dry the clothes my mother hangs on the compressor”

To keep your pizza warm while you’re home

When you’re tinning and a little sly

“Drew water from the water heater, and the hose was not long enough to reach the drain”

“Our dog often makes their needs on the second floor. And we also have much fear of Darth Vader. The problem is solved?”

A lantern with a soft light, made with the help of a bottle, and a flashlight phone

In our opinion, complied with the task

“Motivate your answer”.

“Come on, answer! Let’s go!”

“Do you need a cup holder again? Go to the shop of tiles, you take a free sample and then hit him felt or fabric on the back”

She understood his plan

If the smart watch has a weak battery

The winner of the contest “Weapon a bed of tools improvised”

“My neighbors have a cd player for cars”

You can see here how it works.

This guy is a genius

When you don’t have a pool, but really want a

“It turned out that the parts of lego fit perfectly with my keyboard”

What of the protagonists of this collection I was impressed with the most with their talent?

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