24 Solutions fun everyday problems, and each one is more crazy than the other

The term “tricks of life” was used for the first time in 2003. Since that time, we have learned thousands of useful tips that can help us in various situations. And despite the fact that they are all extremely resourceful, after a while we got tired of them.

Everyday life is full of problems of all kinds. There are many tips on how to resolve common difficulties, but there are also those people who, for whatever reason, come up with solutions completely crazy that are great and amazing at the same time.

Great.guru wants to share some tricks or tips for unusual life that we are certain you will find amazing!

1. A stick of selfies can be replaced by adhesive tape

2. Not so beautiful but very safe

3. Purchase products in-store discounts to save money

New: 25,99 USD

Offer: 25,97 USD

4. The toothpaste can be easily replace with muddled

5. Use condoms as socks waterproof

6. Butts of cigars are more flavorful if they are fried

7. A plane is perfect for training

8. You don’t need an alarm system, a lock is enough

9. You can always convert a pile of dirty clothes in a Christmas tree

10. A phone is not used only for communication

Trick to cooking:

If you put too much water in your rice, throw some phones in there.

11. Use tape when the toilet paper is finished suddenly

12. A rolling door can be used for a good tan

13. If the bathroom door is broken, you can use a butter knife

14. The meat will help you to look more elegant

15. Use sticky notes instead of cheese does not affect much the taste of the sandwich

Do you need to save?

Use sticky notes to replace the cheese.

16. Place cucumber all over your body and wait until you return to most young

17. Ask your cactus that you clean the windows

18. Create your own skirt is hand-made with ribbons of caution

19. It is better to take in the sun with socks that you can then evaluate the result

20. Save the first-aid kit in a safe place

First-aid kit.

21. You can convert a bluff on a football goal

22. Use gloves to not feel alone

I filled it with warm water to make it feel real.

23. …And in place of socks

24. Your finger can be a gauge during the cut

Which of these tips to improve the life are you willing to try? It tell us in the comments below!

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