25 Animals that could not hide their emotions (and oh, how good!)

Do you think that animals can express their emotions? If you guides by the theories of Charles Darwin, then the answer is yes. They do have feelings, and also have the ability to express them. In fact, he found that human emotions derive from a similar mechanism that led to the existence of them in animals.

Great.guru had a great time selecting this list of photos where the animals do not hide their emotions, and the images are so funny that we wanted to share them with you. So check out all and have fun!

1. Ask: “what’s up?”. You’ll see that she will say “nothing”, and then you will see this face for the rest of the day.

2. Are you talking to me?

3. “What? Now there’s a tax on eating leaves, too?”

4. Posing for the photographer

5. “My mom slept. Now I can see what is in the refrigerator”

6. The selfies make me smile!

7. Whatever!

8. What a way to hide from your ex?

9. What other way to hide your face?

10. Oh, my God, are you serious?

11. “I promise, I will not steal food again…”

12. “I will buy a property on the Moon. Goodbye, human!”

13. Why do they feel a tickle if there is no danger?

14. I don’t want to make fun of you, but… you’re so funny!

15. Damn hangover!

16. “Can you retouch the background, please?”

17. “Do you think I should present myself in a beauty contest?”

18. “How many times do I have to tell you to pick up your things from the floor?”

19. “¡Vete! I want to be alone!”

20. Don’t mess with me

21. “You can’t be serious!”

22. “This is the third time that I ask for food”

23. “I can’t stop laughing!”

24. “You’re very funny!”

25. “Do you want to say that she simply ran away with him?”

What these photos made you laugh out loud? Please share pictures of the animals, the more fun that you know in the comments section below!

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