25 Cases of people who gained a small victory when least expected

Sometimes people have luck in the simple things in life and you may not even have seen it coming. The small victories help to pass a bad time, lift the spirits and, at times, also the self-esteem.

Great.guru found for you 25 examples of this class of victories and also a fun bonus whose leaders know not to give up, even when all the gates have closed before you.

KFC sent this box to the young man who discovered his little secret

The Twitter user, Mike Edgette, realized that the account of KFC only followed 11 users: 5 former members of the Spice Girls and 6 men of the name Herb. Mike saw in that an indication of the “secret recipe” chicken KFC which includes 11 herbs and spices (11 herbs and spices) and it turned out that he was right.

The company awarded the clever young man with free food coupons and a box in which Mike is depicted with a large leg of chicken on the back of Colonel Sanders.

“My dog broke her toy and it turned out that inside there was another toy more sad”

Same thing happened with the given

“I dropped a plate and it broke exactly down the middle”

“I proposed marriage to my girlfriend and later I noticed that our shadows had formed a heart”

“The aunt of my girlfriend was cleaning the basement after the ’Hurricane Harvey’ and found this”

“I paid 9 USD for a costume for my dog. Finally, your photo collected more than 116 thousand likes”.

A piece of cheese strangely conceded exactly with a piece of bread in a strange way

“The cover of the phone of my friend it matches perfectly with a table of library made in 1982”

“My cousin had her baby during the night of Halloween. So this was your doctor.”

“I had a ring of fruit unexpectedly large”

The inside of this banana had another banana

I won a prize for a photo of casual

The user of the site pikabu came out of the night walk through the city and then shared on social networks a photo with the hashtag #heroedelanoche. To his surprise, the photo casual caught the attention and they truly became “the hero of the night”, receiving a prize of 12 bottles of shower gel.

A lost phone fortunately

Liami Marum was celebrating the goal of his team and was not aware that she had lost her phone. He was lucky and later the security personnel are returned. When Liam reviewed the device, he discovered selfies of your favorite football players.

“Three buds double, I made the day”

“The banana is larger than I have ever seen”

“A clock is broken in my office, unexpectedly turned into a work of modern art”

“My friend hurt his leg and thought that that would be lost to the celebration of Halloween. I told him that he dressed like a millionaire old man and I became his ’companion’. I do not regret anything!”

“My dad unearthed by chance a huge sweet potato that was growing on the side of our house”

“I bought eggs, and I realized that they were willing in various shades”

“The God of the marshmallow (if it exists) today was generous with me”

“I found a piece of glass in a perfect manner in the sole of my shoe”

When you want to photograph the bird, but you get a selfie great

“This year in my plant grew a single tomato. But is perfection itself”

“I found a clover of 7 sheets”

Bonus: do not let pass a group of young people at a disco called “Perdu”

But the boys soon realized that they could have fun at any place and even received an unexpected support from young girls who passed near.

And what victories unexpected you’ve ever had you? Tell us in the comments.

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