25 common Things in Japan that are needed in the rest of the world

In Japan it is possible to buy flowers at a vending machine, clothes very packed at the grocery store and experience the service of the most brilliant in the world. We find examples of how the care of the people is interwoven with the technologies and the perfection in this amazing country.

Great.guru has collected photos which will help you to immerse yourself in this asian culture.

T-shirts of cotton compacted

Lip gloss disposable

Bag filter for coffee

Toilet paper for the smart phone

“Warning! Keep your phone clean. Clean it with the paper. Do not apply this role in the hands. Is dissolved in the water. Throw it to the toilet. Welcome to Japan!”

Even in a budget hotel you will be proposed to choose a pillow according to their altitude, shape, density, softness, and padding

Noodles with the flavour of the potatoes

The height of the largest bridge in the country is compared to Godzilla

In the hospitals, banks and post offices there are lenses with different diopter for customers who forgot in his house his own

Bread without a crust

These caps great for the sewers can be found in Osaka

“In the entrances of the supermarkets there are often strollers child, if the buyers came in with children, but no strollers”

A specialty cart to move goods by the stairs

“I asked for a feather of Japan, and with it came a shirt origami hawaiian”

To keep your purchases cold, you can use the builder of dry ice in a supermarket

Employees at the airport they apologize for the delay in the flights

In this aircraft the passengers can see the same thing that the pilot

These launch box lunch sold at train stations

About the baths and the culture

It is a miniature of a fire truck in Hokkaido

Parking automated

The facade of a building in Osaka

In vending machines that sold hot food, meat, flowers, ice cream and strawberries

On the steps of this store in Tokyo you can see how many calories you have lost

What would you eat something in the cafeteria?

The stamping on the seats of the trains shown to who are assigned

Bonus: autumn in Kyoto

What do you call more the attention of the japanese culture?

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