25 Things that you should see once in your life. At least in the photos!

Every day we know something new and surprising. For example, you’re in the supermarket and suddenly you see a few blocks with little hearts. Or you’re walking through the forest and you see on the floor a tree from which arise four others. What do you want to know how it looks like a sand storm from a plane?

Great.guru collected 25 unusual things that will surprise even a smartie. And at the end of the article, you’ll see how thousands of drawings and patterns together in a single image.

25. In a small Texas town there is a sign indicating in which direction to live each inhabitant of this town

24. Drainage system on a steep slope in Taiwan

23. This tree survived the attack on Hiroshima

22. An abandoned fishing village in China

21. My cat only uses the way that he did

20. A stack like this is all a work of art

19. Needle fish baby

18. This tree fell and gave life to four more

17. This table and the chairs in the house of my friend seem to made of paper

16. It seems that the tree has swallowed a ring giant

15. The leg of a lizard from below

14. A round table, ping-pong

13. The anteater uses its tail as a blanket

12. This pool has a entry for people with disabilities

11. So you see a sand storm from a plane

10. Beat hearts in these blocks when you were maturing; here is the result

9. This device can totally change the look of your floor

8. It seems that this dog is looking for a hole

7. Invasion of mollusks

6. A prosthesis of 150 years

5. Marshmallow in the form of a flower

4. The Royal Ontario Museum seems like a fault graphics

3. This machine cut the shrubs in the shape of a ball

2. Staircase in the University of Balamand, Lebanon

1. A horse dalmatian

Bonus: just imagine what a difficult task it is and the satisfaction that you receive one when you finish it

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