25 Evidence that the modern art the time has come to surprise

Even if you prefer the classic genre of art and sculpture, do not have to rush to dismiss the modern art. Possibly among the teachers now find some that will surprise you even in the depths of your soul. Or, at least, you will raise the mood.

Great.guru has collected for you 25 works of art from all over the world you will find a reaction favorable to every person that appreciates beauty and originality.

Sculptures, extraordinary porcelain painter from Hong Kong, Johnson Tsang

An incredible and detailed phantom ship made by the artist artist and sculptor, Jason Stieva

Wolf anthropomorphic, work of an american artist, Leah Brown

Thumbnails creative of an employee of an advertising agency, is a writer and is also an artist, his name is Derrick Lin

One of the sculptures hyper sculptor austro-british Ron Mueck

The paintings of mexican painter Omar Ortiz is almost not distinguishable from the people living

Sculpture air of the chinese sculptor belgian Luo Li Rong

Statue of David Bowie in Aylesbury (Great Britain). Made by the sculptor Andrew Sinclair

The artist, London Kaye does not create street art, but it worked

The painter street, Tom Bob, with great dexterity becomes a device boring into a masterpiece

The boxes, bulky gallery of Justin Gaffrey

Variations of art, from the helmets of the Assault Troops of The war of the galaxies in the framework of the project Art Wars

In India, is nearing completion of the construction of the tallest statue in the world. It’s called the statue of Unity and its height will be 182 metres

“New pop art” designer mexican Paul Sources

Interesting sculpture of the Norwegian painter Fredrik Raddum

And this is art in food, enormous palettes on the basis of a selfie of the company’s Firebox

Photographer Blake Little created a series of works under the name Preservation (“Preservation”). For this, he covered his models with a thick layer of honey

Toilet golden Louis Vuitton, the work of the artist Illma Gore. Its price is 100 thousand USD

It is not necessary for the art to be expensive. For example, the british company, Veolia created a gown of simple trash

The american painter Scott Gundersen uses corks from bottles of wine to create their portraits

Boxes fascinating “liquid” Brittany Zick-Chavez

Painter of 18 years, known under the pseudonym AJ, will make you reconsider a hobby as boring as embroidery

The watercolor magic of the painter of Togliatti, Marina Ignatova

“The sculpture quantum” of the German Julian Voss-Andreae literally disappears if you watch it from a certain angle

The sculpture “In honor of our relations” part of the art team, The Pier Group

Unfortunately, the burned 5 days after installation, but it is amazing what one does for art

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