25 Families great in the living people with an excellent sense of humor

The family is not only warmth and peacefulness, but also a source of jokes, inexhaustible. Including make jokes to one another.

Great.guru has collected the best jokes of people who apply their sense of humor with their relatives. Oh, the good that they do! At the end of the article you will receive a bonus. The message of birthday of famous more fun.

“My son was driving for the first time. I took care of that I understand how it is to drive a car”

“I took the perfect photo of my mother, who was trying to catch the cat in the bush”

“I spent the night with my parents and my mother made me the bed. I have 27”

“That is what my parents have been on top of the clothes dryer”

“I was commissioned to decorate the table for thanksgiving. Not had to do it”

“I asked my mother a pointing great and she gave this to me. Yes, it is your photo”

“My parents have always been very original when choosing costumes”

“My mom prepared me a sandwich for work. But my brother saw the paper first and complemented”

“As a joke I sent my mother a copy of me same while studying abroad. It seems that now entertains as you can”

“This photo coaster will pursue my son for always”

“My son goes to school for the first time. Only I tried to convey my feelings”

“I don’t think my son understands how much I played Call of Duty”

“My son began to cry when he saw Santa. We decided to accompany him”

“We decided that our son should have a cute picture”

“A gift from my brother for Christmas”

“My son forgot his favorite toy, Hamilton, on from his grandfather. He started to send us these pictures”

“This child likes both the advertising of a local attorney that his mother decorated his birthday just with the photos of your hero”

“My wife and I we don’t agree on how to decorate the Christmas tree. We have been 4 years as well”

“This is the family photo that we took out this year”

“This announcement is hanging on the door of the bedroom of my parents”

“My friend just came back after 7 months. This guy had the best sign among the crowd of family and friends”

A brother does not hurt if it is frozen

“Mom was worried about my trip to Detroit and I sent her this picture”

“My son, in the guise of Flash, has decided to appear in the photo with your sister”

Bonus: Ryan Reynolds congratulates his brother

We are sure that our readers have many of those stories. If you have relatives that like to make jokes about other people, or if you same what you do, share the best jokes in the comments.

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