25 Famous more than 40 years that seem to have made a pact with the devil to stay young

Almost all the faces that you’ll see in this article have been kept in the lists of the most attractive men from that jumped to stardom, and that is why they are still wearing great and do not appear to the years that have. We are familiar with all to see on the big screen for many years, but what we didn’t know was the exact age of the majority. Do you want to be surprised as we are when we discover that? I read on!

In Great.guru we have compiled for you pictures of the famous more attractive that have passed the barrier of 40, and are still among the most wanted men in the world.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio (43 years)

2. Ricky Martin (46 years)

3. Jamie Foxx (50 years)

4. Antonio Banderas (58 years)

5. Jared Leto (46 years)

6. Ewan McGregor (47 years)

7. Josh Duhamel (45 years)

8. Alejandro Fernández (47 years)

9. David Beckham (43 years)

10. Will Smith (50 years)

11. Bradley Cooper (43 years)

12. Brad Pitt (54 years)

13. Sebastián Rulli (43 years)

14. Keanu Reeves (54 years)

15. Robert Downey Jr. (53 years)

16. George Clooney (57 years)

17. Johnny Deep (55 years)

18. Chayanne (50 years)

19. Hugh Jackman (50 years)

20. Enrique Iglesias (age 43)

21. Gabriel Soto (age 43)

22. Gerard Butler (age 48)

23. David Zepeda (45 years)

24. Ashton Kutcher (40 years)

25. Jon Hamm (age 47)

Which of these famous, you more surprised by your age?

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