25 Congratulations memorable that people exaggerate a little

What is it that matters most in a gift? Let him be given the heart and lift the spirits!

Great.guru gathered for you 25 gifts of Internet users who know what love is, and jokes of their loved ones. Watch until the end and find out what gifts are unexpected we can receive from our “furry friends”.

“I just received my Christmas gift from my grandparents. I’m 31 years old”

“My favorite gift that I made for my brother every year. We are now on level 3”

“I got a gift from dad for my graduation party”

“I bought a necklace to my wife and asked the cashier to wrap it in the most horrible ways possible. He pulled out the duct tape and said: ’As you wish, lord,’”

“I’m the only one in the family who is not married nor has children. I have a cat. This is my Christmas gift”

“My sister gave me the gift more profound”

“The gift from my grandmother for my birthday. Definitely she is the wave”

“Now I can only burn the house”

“One of my clients of the third age gave me this because he knows how much I love technology”

“My wife’s not impressed by my gift for your birthday”

“I think my parents only know me as the fact that I love the color green and hate the cold. These were my gifts for Christmas in the last 5 years”

“My friend just moved to a new apartment and we decided to make a gift warm”

“My sister-in-law is a vegetarian and so it was that his companions wished happy birthday”

“The gift of the year mom”

“A gift from my girlfriend. She knows me very well”

“On Christmas, my girlfriend and I just share the same gifts”

“I gave my wife a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day. Not impressed”

“I have spent almost 10 years going out with my boyfriend. This was her gift. It is a brazen”

“Mom knows how much I adore tennis”

“We are triplets and we have 17 years. Today we had an exam for a drivers license and I was the only who managed to do the test. Dad brought us the cake”

“The wife of my friend left me not buy this pillow. But it is not said that their mom had given him an equal”

“A gift from my brother. It was a card”

“Day 4. My wife still doesn’t like my gift”

“To a partner their daughter was born. We congratulate him as well”

Bonus. “I was feeding the crows near the bar where I work. This is my collection of their gifts in the last 3 months”

What gifts your loved ones are the best remember? It tell us in the comments!

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