25 Photos of grandfathers and grandmothers who demonstrate that in their youth were much more brilliant than their grandchildren

All the grandparents were young and, like us, they had fun, loved, dreamed and created his own story. Many were even more fabulous than their grandchildren and doing the things that we, his offspring, we would never have dared to do.

In general, all are proud of their children and grandchildren, but Great.guru decided to do it another way: we gather 25 photos thanks to which the younger generation discovered a little more about your loved ones, and began to feel more pride for their ancestors.

At the end of the article you expect a bonus that will demonstrate that the love for music is inherited.

1. “My grandmother in 1978.”

2. “My grandfather won the 1st place in the competition of the beard. As a gift, we gave you this hat.” (1954)

3. “My grandmother was a pilot during the Second World War”. (1944)

4. “My grandfather in Alaska. Was cartographer”. (1950)

5. “My grandfather getting out of his plane after being shot down”.

6. “My grandfather was the chief engineer of World Trade Center (twin Towers) in New York.”

7. “My grandmother with his plane and his lion favorite.” (1947)

8. “My grandmother sitting on the wing of an airplane”.

9. “My grandparents changed their clothes.” (1943)

10. “My grandfather was a chief”. (1970)

11. “My grandfather the day before to join the navy”. (1941)

12. “He is my great-great-grandfather. Is the photo more brilliant than I have seen in my life.”

13. “In his youth, my great-grandfather trained horses. This photo shows all his skill”. (1922)

14. “My grandmother went out in an advertisement for Volvo”. (1959)

15. “My grandfather played for the ’Blackhawks’”. (1935)

16. “I found a photo of my grandfather. This year meets 98 and it still makes bike every day.”

17. “My grandfather beat him at the very Muhammad Ali”.

18. “Grandfather, with my dad.” (1963)

19. “My grandfather, his new hair cut and 6 squirrels”. (1958)

20. “My grandfather gave music lessons to Einstein”.

21. “The jump from my grandfather.” (1930)

22. “Ernest Hemingway and my grandmother.” (1952)

23. “My grandmother (left) kissing Louis Armstrong”.

24. “My grandfather was a sailor”. (1970)

Bonus. “My grandfather, my father, myself and my son.”

And what is it that one day you will discover your grandchildren through your social networks that will never contarías yourself? I share it in the comments!

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