25 historical Photos rare which will leave you breathless

The photos of the files are of great value because, as you see them you can touch the history and see the past as it really was. When you look at these images, you ask yourself: “Is it really true?”.

Great.guru has compiled for you those photos. Will open up another part of the story and help you see the past in a new way.

The polar explorers feed the hungry bear with condensed milk, the USSR, the decade of 1980.

In 1947, the british colony of Zanzibar, off the east coast of Africa. A babysitting exhausted sits with the child to his charge called Farrokh Bulsara. In a quarter of a century, the child will take the pseudonym of Freddie Mercury.

An indian group’s tribal sioux on horseback, 1905. (Colorization by Dana Keller).

Relocation of a building of 7 600 tonnes to build a boulevard in the Romanian city of Alba-Iulia, 1987.

Claude Monet’s paintings in the background, 1923. (Colorization by Dana Keller).

The Beatles sang for 18 people in a modest club from the town of Aldershot in December 1961. A year and a half after they became superstars.

Marilyn Monroe posing for soldiers, 1954. (Colorization by Dana Keller).

Seal at the entrance of the tomb of Tutankhamun (remained untouched for 3245 years), 1922.

Soldiers of Passover during the Second World War, 1944. (The colorization was done later).

Dining room for employees of Disney, 1961.

Sophia Loren and Jane Mansfield in 1957.

The child distributes a periodic evening with news about the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. (Colorization by Dana Keller).

Loading the first hard disk of 5 MB in the plane of PanAm, 1965.

Madison Square, circa 1900. (Colorization by Sanna Dulla Way).

Accident of the airship “Hindenburg”, 1937. (Grading was done later).

The first telephoto lens in the world, the year 1900.

Girls delivering ice, 1918. (Colorization by Dana Keller).

The house of the smoking of opium in Singapore, 1941.

A traffic accident in Washington, 1921. (Grading was done later).

Flight simulator, year 1942.

Sellers of newspaper smoke on his break, 1910. (Grading was done later).

Workers “Fiat” participate in a race on the roof of the first factory of the company in Turin, Italy, 1923.

A beggar runs after the chariot of the king George V, 1920.

Service station in Washington, District of Columbia, 1924. (Grading was done later).

Boxing women on the roof, 1930.

Murphy testing the bulletproof vest, 1923. (Grading was done later).

A mobile pool in the city of New York, 1960.

Spielberg during the filming of the first movie about Indiana Jones, 1980.

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