25 Photos that prove that some girls are true queens of uncomfortable situations

A nuisance unexpected and can happen to anyone of us. But for some reason some girls have a talent for getting into situations, are curious and uncomfortable with a special grace. Only the saves that apart from this talent have a lot of capacity to mock themselves.

Great.guru appreciates the ability of female self-criticism, and suggests looking at a new selection of faults to be ridiculous and charming.

“In an online store they told me that I can ask for a mask to try”

Oh, this gap eternal between girls ‘ emotional and men are insensitive!

“The boys that lived in our house came to visit us and I asked about the hole in the roof. I don’t know what I was expecting, but this definitely is not”

Always worth remembering that the one who laughs last laughs best

For me, when I woke up — I, when I prepared to leave

The sweet sellers are a secret weapon of capitalism

When everything is clear without further ado

Husband bastard

Unexpected obstacles on the way to be irresistible

“My cat decided that lipstick is a great toy”

“Why my grandmother does to my cousin these hairstyles crazy?”

There are more important things than romance

“This summer, my husband and I got married in our back yard. Here is my favorite photo of this memorable day”

When you wanted a beautiful photo in the Bahamas, but I’ll bite on the leg

“My mother erased so many friends of his life than in this picture was left by herself and a group of ladies “without a head”

Motherhood is the most underrated in the world

It is not easy to resemble the girls of Instagram

All the girls know this

“You activated a fire alarm in a shopping mall, and these girls came out of the building with trays of food. Oh, these are the true priorities!”

The most tragic love story

“My sister took accidentally a comb with blade for hair”

An original form of go crazy to the others

“I took beautiful pictures until I got my ‘son’ and ruined everything”

The time that you realize that being an adult is not nothing of another world

“I decided to have a tanning salon for my birthday, but I put the red hair too low. Here is the ‘amazing’ result”

Each girl can share a thousand and one stories about the attempts of seduction more ridiculous

Do you have stories about a lot of ridiculous things? Or you have recently suffered uncomfortable situations?

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