25 Photos that prove that in this world there is a place for all

Say what you want the skeptics and the naysayers, we are not so bad. Human beings (and animals too) are still willing to do good and give your love to everyone who needs it.

To verify these words, Great.guru found 25 photos are poignant and a bonus that verifies that we can and must get along even with those who may not listen to us.

20 years of love

“In 1995 my great aunt gave me this cat. I adored him and I slept with it every night. When my grandmother died, we found out that she had bought another cat like and had been preserved in a perfect state. Yes, 20 years of love definivitamente left their mark”.

This man each year purchase toys, disguises himself as Santa Claus and gives gifts to children at a hospital

“My grandmother is 93 years old and his sister of 96 went to the beach”.

A greeting from the past

“They are my parents in the 70’s. My dad died when I was a little over 20 and recently his best friend said that she found photos of my parents and I sent it”.

“That moment your parents met 35 years ago. They ran during a game of volleyball”.

“This hero covered my sister during the shooting in Las Vegas and was injured”.

“The remote control of my grandmother who has Alzheimer’s disease”.

The generous Bill Murray

Bill Murray bought all of the tickets for a folk music concert and gave them to all the people who were standing in line.

“Our son of 8 years got up early to put these gifts in the socks of xmas my wife and mine.”

Mom would have been happy

“This weekend my sister married. Our mom could not join us that day, because he died in 2000. But thanks to the photographer, appeared in this photo”.

The first friend of life

“I had never seen my sister is autistic so happy. You finally have a friend. It is called Fuzzy.

This guy from Denmark decided to help lonely people to find friends

“According to statistics, many danes feel lonely, so I made a feast for the unknown. It was attended by over 100 people!”.

A daughter taught her dad to take selfies and this is the result

True love does not die

He fulfilled the promise he had made to his friend

This dog lives near the school. Each day comes and waits for the children to pet.

“In our office there is a dog and today they came to visit.”

“Dad spent an hour reading letters she had sent to his mom when he was in the army.”

“My mom smiles after having rescued 40 children from a school bus on fire.”

“Today my stepfather adopted me officially”.

“I turned your life into a living hell when I was a child and he endured it all. I am now proud to be a part of your family.”

Dad in the background notes with tenderness to his son, who was also a dad

A lord of the third age took balls to a shelter animal

Dad did not want to have to “that damn dog”.

“My dad never liked dogs. Never. Now takes Yuki for a ride in his yacht and speaks with him all the time.”

Gave the last thing that I had

Before the hurricane in Florida, in the shops gone are the electricity generators and a stranger gave hers to a woman whose dad could not live without his oxygen tank that runs of electricity.

“My brother can only see with one eye. Adopted from a shelter to a dog with an eye that no one wanted.”

Bonus. Santa Claus talking to a little girl who is deaf.

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