25 Pictures that show that shopping with children is a mission impossible

Every parent knows that shopping with small children is an adventure only for the most daring and brave.

Great.guru prepared for you 23 photos that show what it is that children think in reality shopping.

Because any activity that lasts more than 1 minute is a torture

Even if you go to the store was your own idea

Until you were begging: “Mom, please take me with you today!”.

But the worst comes when mom brings a long conversation with someone

Then it becomes impossible to hide the pain and despair

You can’t hide it

In those moments you start to seek support from anyone who is willing to give you a hand

While playing hide and seek sometimes is a great way to entertain

What can be more fun than scaring your parents with your skills to escape?

It seems that it takes a lot of time there

But the good thing about a store is that you can try looks new

“I asked my children who managed to go to the store”.

Sometimes can not endure, and show it with all its aspect everything you believe about what happens

Sometimes the children found an original way to entertain them in the store

“I ausenté a minutito to go to buy frozen vegetables and I found this”

Or they can also destroy all the cosmetics that are worth 1300 $ in just 20 minutes

Or simply make a mess as well

But for a small man to go shopping with mom sometimes is a real test

And women, from small, do not despair in the shops

Maybe it’s because the men want to impose their rules everywhere

And the small young ladies try hard to not lose your temper

And, by the way, what kind of monster makes carts for child if then they can not take them away?

Children have a unique talent to adapt to any situation uncomfortable

Because at home may not have this comfort

But what is more important is that any prank of yours you can forgive after an innocent gaze and infinite tenderness

We believe that the parents who go shopping with their little ones deserve a monument in life. Share with us how you are doing when you go to the store with your little one. Do you have past similar situations?

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