25+ Photos that depict true friendship between the species

Some animals are creatures helpless able to love a human being despite everything. Hundreds of real-life stories and movies about the loyalty the animal showed up.

The wording of Great.guru prepared for you a selection of photos poignant about relationships more sincere.

They look happier than some couples

“Our cat every morning comes looking for my husband to sleep with him the last few hours before you wake up”.

“If you think that I hired a photographer for a photo session with a puppy, yes, that is what I did”.

This puma today is in a good mood

“Yesterday I returned from my vacation. My dog does not I took off not a minute”.

The tenderness is the best manifestation of feelings

This cat enjoys the moment in the company of his human

The hugs are unexpected in the top of a mountain is what you must confront if you are traveling with your four-legged friend

Life is not the same without a cat

It seems that this is the dream more sweet of their lives

With a friend so no obstacles can scare you

This friend loves to give hugs

Tippi Degré: this little girl became the best friend of the wild animals of Africa

—Do you have a pet?

—Yes, it is something average between a dog and a bat huge.

This girl loves to watch tv with her… python

Is largest, and the best friend of your life

The girlfriend of this guy you should start to worry

When planning a holiday without your dog. Apparently, this dog starts to suspect something

“My grandfather has a fear of dogs and my dog, to the human. Decided to give it a try”.

This guy asked for a t-shirt with the image of your pet: friendship level 80

“I thought to buy her a birthday cake to my dog it would be a waste of money useless. But his reaction is worth every dollar spent.”

“If you don’t caress my dog, goes to another person and then makes sure that you see it and set me jealous”.

Who said that a best friend should be a human?

“My dog, after that kiss my girlfriend asleep. I think I was jealous”.

Due to his blindness, this cat does not see its owner, but it relies so much on it that is ready for hugs at any hour of the day

“Something tells me that the dog my mom fell in love with me.”

For some people, they are only a page in his life, but for them the people are all life

Do you have pets? Please share your stories in the comments!

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