25 Photos that reveal the special attitude of the women toward the car and the handling

In many cases, it is considered that the attitude careful to cars is typical of men. However, the more motorists women appear on the roads, the more obvious it is that they love their horses of iron as much as the guys and, sometimes, even more. And the funny situations that many times end up buried girls to the steering wheel, only claim to that position.

Great.guru made a selection of 25 photos that demonstrate clearly that “a woman at the wheel” is not a joke, but a way of life, and that is inspiring.

1. The perfect combination

2. Not only is it beautiful, but also warm and informative

“Left. Right.”

3. What kind of car is it?

4. “There is a lot of wind today. A young girl holds a poster for it not to fall on the car”

5. When the words “polished to the point of mirror” should be understood literally

6. “Chat, I have a question”

7. A car itself always increases the self-esteem

8. “I have a car smart. This was what made him turn on the ABS in the parking lot”

9. The care of the grandmother

10. That is what happens when your mother 40 years old, he likes to push buttons in her new car

11. A driver responsible

“Lights, handbrake, safety belt.”

12. A chinese woman caused an accident by confusing the back end of a monkey sitting on a pole for a traffic camera with a red light

13. “All of the cups that my friend found when he cleaned his car”

14. “I just clean the car of my mother… Total: 15 USD”

15. “A woman struck me this morning thinking that would be enough to clean the snow of this small surface of the windshield”

16. “The car battery of my girlfriend was exhausted, and I asked him if he had any tool to be able to pull it out. I said yes and pulled out this trunk”

17. A box of tools female

18. School of management for women

“Lady-self. Driving school for women”.

19. “I have a box of things of office, in the car, so if I suddenly stop, and you can tell the police that I had a bad day”

20. Your car came with a support of kitten incorporated

21. “My mom asked me to check why his car was so bad on the snow…”

22. Master of the parking lot level 90

23. A Aston Martin of 180 billion USD was hit by a car pink $ 200 USD

24. A woman risks her life to save your car from thieves

25. “This is what I did in my car last summer”

How ever did you get into funny situations on the road?

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