25 Photos that will make you stop dreaming of the huskies… just Because you can not resist more to them, and you’ll get one!!

Dogs of this breed are intelligent, charming and always find a way out of a difficult situation. Because even if they try to steal an ice cream, can pretend that were not them and come out victorious even though the evidence has been represented in his nose. And even if a husky must face a difficult conversation with its owner human on the chaos caused in the house, a single glance touching will be enough for his master to give a verdict on the matter: “completely innocent”.

In Great.guru worship these dogs, so we invite you to see your pictures adorable and you to become a member of your supporters club.

1. “How nice that the summer has finished at the end”

2. “The husky of my neighbor used the door of the cat to spy on what I’m doing in my garage”

3. “Oh, hello! Today you came early”

4. “Our husky has some genes felines”

5. These puppies are not only adorable as the cats… I Also love the boxes!!

6. And not just the boxes…

7. With a husky, the impossible becomes possible

8. “Oh, you made a big mistake, human!”

9. These dogs eat anything… Well, almost…

10. And, however, are in favor of good nutrition

11. “Put all the delicacies right here, master!”

12. When the coffee is too strong, but you understand that without it you will not be able to survive in this crazy world

13. “I saw a horror movie. I freaked out”

14. The shelf is the most comfortable place in the world if you are a husky

15. When you look rude, but you have a weakness for stuffed animals pink

16. “What ice cream?”

17. When you think that you be merry from the morning is strange

18. “Now steal your soul, and worship the huskies until the end of your days!”

19. “I’ll sit where I want”

20. Just ran through a meadow full of dandelions

21. “The husky of my friend before and after that call him fat”

22. When you hear the phrase “Love, do you have the number for the vet?”

23. When your distrust in this world is growing as you

24. All the huskies have a superpower that touches people to not be able to

25. Another proof that these dogs are a true tenderness

Bonus: the time at which your pet becomes a Disney princess

What do you say? Do you now belong to the club of fans of the huskies?

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