25 Sons who inherited from his parents a peculiar feature

The children and their parents resemble each other a lot. But sometimes people inherit some unusual features.

Great.guru collected some photographic examples of cases in which a test DNA is not necessary.

The family Rapunzel

Its small copy

The peculiar skin disease vitiligo, which is shared by father and daughter

The similar tastes of the two generations

Customs are inherited

And the conduct is also

An eye color unusual that they share a mother and son

“A picture of me and one of my father with 20 years of difference”

A father in his childhood and his small daughter

They both have blue eyes amazing

It seems that both are hoping for a miracle

“My father and I at the same age”

The profession is also inherited

This father, he inherited to his son the love for the sport

“I have two thumbs different, inherited from each of my parents”

Until you go to bed like

They are definitely relatives

“My father and I at the same age”

Facial expression extraordinary in the father and the son

Mother and daughter with an unusual hair

A real break male

The relationship is more than obvious

“My father lost the index finger when I was 10 years old. And my index finger came out shorter than the pinky”

The dynasty of lovers sleeping

A rare anomaly: eyes of different colors in mother and daughter

Bonus: the kids will get to do what some adults cannot

Do you have some quirks that you’ve inherited from your parents or your children of you? Show us in the comments.

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