25 Couples who demonstrate by their example that love up to the ears is great

Love is the medicine for the soul that distracts us from adversity and helps us to overcome any difficulty, especially those that arise in the course of the cohabitation. So says popular wisdom, and the following 25 pairs confirm this with your example.

Great.guru has gathered photos of people who know very well how to keep the romance in their relationships.

When you’re willing to sacrifice your reputation as a hard man for the good mood of your wedding

“This is how we, my girlfriend and I when we are ourselves”

When even a brief separation from the beloved is unbearable

“My dad got up every day at 5 in the morning to make coffee to my mother and write a small love note”

“I love you”.

Helen saw Dick on the dance floor and is immediately drawn to him. Went out dancing regularly, and remained there alone for him to take notice. And once, at the end it happened. Since then they are together

She waited six years to which she reached the age of majority to propose marriage

These two met in an exhibition of art four years ago and fell in love. Since then, remember all the days out in exquisite evening gowns

“The first thing my friend did when he returned from Afghanistan was to propose marriage to his girlfriend”

The mutual love helped these two overcome their addictions to drugs and alcohol, and to return to the normal life

“I’m preparing to propose marriage to my boyfriend to style your game of computer favorite”

Their 90 and 80 years, were not afraid to go to a blind dates and they fell in love at first sight

“I was the first guy that she met in Canada and decided not to lose my opportunity”

“She said: ‘Yes!’”.

“My girlfriend got up early and decided to be replaced with our dog. When I woke up, for a moment I thought I had gone crazy”

Joan decided to support her husband sick with cancer shaving the hair directly at your wedding

When your wife and you are on the same wavelength

“Without imagination”. “Marry and make thyself many”.

A fan managed to attract the attention of the girl of his dreams. After a time he married her

David and Crystal do not have a roof over their heads, but not what they need. After all, what is important is that you have for one another

Love is when you give in your office to your wife so you can play until they’re tired to your new video game

“A year ago, I maquillaba when I drifted to sleep in the house of my boyfriend because I was ashamed of my skin. Now we do treatments, moisturizers together”

“He refused an appointment to this man three times, but he was persistent, and now we’re married”

“My boyfriend is a fan of basketball, so I decided to make him a gift”

“My husband laughed during our entire wedding by the nerves. Now, those photos make me laugh to me”

Margaret and Ferris were married in the difficult post-war years, and never had photos of their wedding. After 70 years, they decided to recreate their wedding and invite a photographer to capture these precious moments

“We’ve been together for 7 years, and she still comes every day to say good bye when I go to work”

“My girlfriend made me a surprise: a mouse pad with the picture of her that I like”

Bonus: when the love can overcome even the autism

Love, without a doubt, is the universal medicine. In your relationship, is there room for romance?

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