25 People who don’t care about the romance and found a entertainment best

Each person has their own notion about the romance. Some consider romantic candlelit dinner and an evening stroll, while for others it is an entertaining game of two. There are also those who do not accept this phenomenon and they are always willing to find a hobby better up in the most romantic atmosphere.

Great.guru compiled for you some photos of people who have points of view, very private for romance. At the end of the article you expect a bonus about a person who chose the more romantic atmosphere for your first appointment.

A decision worthy of kings

A horseback ride on the coast

It was a gift for the anniversary

“My wife was so excited before our romantic trip he had not slept all night”

Romance-style fisherman

I’m not going to leave you, kitten

You should accept that at least is an honest man

“She wanted to make a decision, as in ’Titanic’. I wanted his hair to stop hitting me in the face”

He changed his mind

The seat is occupied

I was waiting for a compliment, but something went wrong

Tell me what surprises you do and I’ll tell you who you are

I just a letter, but how much truth!

Romance science fiction

He made a good choice

And aviéntame a ball

Sometimes you just have to accept that the shots are romantic are not your thing

The presentation is the least of it

When you’re preparing a bathroom, but inside you’re a firefighter

The feeling that is not extinguished over the years

When only the carpet was lit with romantic feelings

Another point of view about the bathrooms romantic

So it should be a happy ending

The woman felt bad after a party and her husband decided to add a romantic touch

I wasn’t expecting it

Bonus: you walk under the rain is so romantic!

What do you think about the romance? What pastime partner for you is the most romantic?

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