25 People who “help others” are not hollow words

Sometimes a little bit of kindness is enough to change the life of someone. Any nice detail, from true heroic deeds to show affection, you can make this world a better place.

Great.guru compiled the best examples of acts of kindness that will inspire you and you will restore faith in humanity.

This deer came into a shop in Colorado. The owner gave him a biscuit and chocolate. The animal came out of the shop and half an hour after he returned with his friends

This lady repaired a seat in the bus while travelling on it

This girl, the victim of a fire, he asked “the Internet” to send him a card for Christmas. This is the photo with all the gifts that you received

I wish they would have more drivers as well

A dealer post helped this guy to fulfill his dream

A dealer post learned that Matthew, 12 years old, read advertising brochures because their family could not afford to buy books, and bus trips to the library were too long.

The postman published the information about the guy on your page and the child began to receive books from different parts of the world: Australia, Great Britain and to India. Matthew already has more than 350 books and promise to read each one of them.

“My dog and my dad with Alzheimer’s”

“My dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. This year I brought my dog home for Christmas, and I said: ’I Know that soon I shall forget many things, but I will remember this dog for a long time.’”

“The best gift I received this year”

“Over 30 years, my grandmother used these plastic dishes for Christmas. After last year, only survived him 7, so that the framed and gave them to each of their 7 grandchildren.”

“Yesterday morning in our local park for dogs someone left a surprise christmas”

A little bit of sacrifice strengthens relationships

Dad selected Coca-Cola to each one of the relatives at Christmas

Spent more than 3 months and looked at almost 10 thousand bottles of soda to find 47 with the names of all their relatives, so as to make a personalized gift for each one.

“I have a new member in the family”

“At 22.30 on christmas Eve I went to the airport to collect my niece. The employees of the place told me that someone had left a kitten, had been rescued and they asked me to take him. I accepted”.

“For 50 years he dreamed of toys of LEGO and gave him a tractor LEGO”

“My mom always wanted to travel to key west. For your anniversary number 24 dad took her there, so I could see your first sunset in the ocean”

“My uncle built this home amazing for his children and decorated it for Christmas”

“My wife was a mother surrogate for a couple who could not have children”

“Since I was born I am missing two fingers. In my childhood my mom always wore the gloves for me. I am 30 now and also gave me some gloves tight”

“An unknown person today gave me 200 dollars so that we could buy and decorate a Christmas tree. Thank you, unknown generous. Never forget you”

“I counted on the Internet on my brother with a developmental delay. Many people sent the carts that you love”

“A homeless woman caught the thief who wanted to steal my bike, so I invited her along with her son to spend Christmas with us”

“Our dog had an accident. My son went to his side to support him”

“My wife runs a veterinary hospital, and this time of year is always horrible”

“Every night she returns home, it is covered with a blanket on the couch and cries. And he is Gatsby, his best friend. Just comes, lies down at your side and purrs for a good while until she calms down”.

“Instead of buying a Christmas tree, we spend all of our money to be able to take this boy home and give you everything you need”

This police worked a ton of hours helping victims of the hurricane “Harvey”, until he fainted from exhaustion

This waiter decided to help the man to feed his wife disabled so that he could eat quietly

Two surgeons after having successfully eliminated several brain tumors during surgery 32 hours

What acts of kindness you’ve witnessed or experienced yourself? Count your stories in the comments.

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