25 People that before were the fashion and now, his photos raise a lot of questions

The fashion changes very quickly: sometimes 5 years are sufficient for the opinion on the style change dramatically. As a result, we look at our photos from the past and we do not understand how we could consider “it” out of good taste.

Great.guru compiled the images more epic that show how rare were the things that were once popular.

“I often wondered why they make fun of me in school”

“I don’t know why in the sixth grade looked like a woman of 35 years, but the styling to me is chasing”

“In the school felt the love for the heavy music made me great”

“This is who I am in the seventh grade. With the lens of ” mom”

“I practiced figure skating at 9 years old. They told Me that I looked good in the photo. I lied”

“Just watch this hairstyle, and my silk shirt”

“So was I in high school”

“My husband found a photo album of me in the first year of the university”

“In childhood I believed that it was a thug cool”

“I wanted to look like Snoop Dogg”

“My photo school. Yes, I am the Superman jewish”

“When my daughter asks why she can’t get the things that it thinks are fabulous, you show him this picture of me from high school”

“Year 2005: bad hats, and the first attempts to put make-up on”

“This is my photo school 2007”

“I thought I looked glamorous”

A photo of the school dance in the style of the 1950’s

“I found this picture of my days of high school”

“I took this photo on purpose to show my first beard”

“I really thought that was great”

“I am practicing surfing on the Internet in 2001”

“Photo annual at the college in the style of punk rock”

“I felt very great”

“Yes, well I had my hair in 2012. Yes, I took an hour a day peinármelo as well”

“Soborné to the school photographer for me to take this picture”

“Voluminous hair, shine and shades of blue: the photo most fantastic of my years in high school”

What fashion trends ridiculous you remember you?

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