25 People who are used to being proactive

If we assume that the hypothesis of simulation is true and our Universe is just a computer program, then the characters of the compilation of today, apparently, gained the codes from the developer. And now they need less than a minute to solve any problem. Learn the multiplication tables with the help of a ladder, heated room with a fan, and invented easy new ways to clean the house.

Great.guru found photos of the people whose ingenuity can be equated to the superpowers. And in the end prepared a bonus that will make you change the saves screens in your phone.

Winter is coming: how to heat your home

Easy way to take half a wardrobe at the same time

“My mom used the stand for the pot to prevent the laptop from overheating when you use it a long time”

The headphones must be sold together with the rings, and this is the reason

It should work

Sleep in any place in spite of it all: mission accomplished

Is dedicated to all who at least once caught a finger in a door

“Could not find in the darkness the charger for my phone from other cables. So, I decided to make it a little better”

An engineer in the soul

“Accidentally, instead of ground black pepper, I bought black pepper in grain, that he hates my wife. I had to solve the problem”

So that water does not accumulate on the roof of the canopy

A branch of eucalyptus will transform a shower into an aromatherapy session

If in the hotel there is a stand for the toothbrush

“This way I store plastic bags”

The safest way not to lose the remote control

When a coworker asked you to open a little the window

A sample of that men are creatures of evil

And women also

Whoever invented this should get a patent

If your children are lovers of music

“Trick of life of a mommy lazy: put wet wipes under the feet and slide by the department. He pretends that it’s fun and your children will also want to do it”

Another way to learn the multiplication tables

Winner in the nomination “Genius insidious”

“Please, tell my wife that this phone can not be repaired. She wants to check the history of calls. These $ 100 are yours. Thank you.”

Was it possible to do this?

Bonus: when you consider that a password is insufficient to protect the phone

What tricks life you use?

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