25 People who totally failed in his job

Sometimes it happens that the work does not excites us so much. The chief it seems that it was proposed to scold you all day long, the computer does not work or the date you tap. But there are cases in which a working day can turn into a real nightmare.

And in Great.guru , we have gathered the most memorable examples of these failures epic that will make you fall in love again of your work.

25. The school of journalism had not prepared for this

24. When your working day starts badly

23. When you want to quit smoking, and you see this…

22. The strength of attraction in action

21. The work world’s most useless

20. The good thing is that it was only a tire

19. The escape of the century

18. When the news anchor looks like muuucho the suspect

17. A call to the insurance company does not help in this case

16. Well, I have finished vacuuming

15. What is my new companion?

14. It is time to make an omelette huge

13. How many people cried seeing this…

12. And someone will have to organize everything

11. The driver definitely had no luck. Nor had the paver

10. A horrible day for the pilot

9. Another bad day for prepare fried eggs

8. Someone took a good regañada

7. How this was the plan or they’re going to despedira someone?

6. I wonder, how much you should get tired on the job to pack these “bananas”?

5. If this had occurred in the middle lane and at high speed, there would be many more bricks thrown

4. Someone was not so good playing tetris

3. If this driver would have known how it would end your work day, you surely would have stayed home

2. The thin yellow line… well, not so thin

1. Who do you think was worse: the students of the college or the driver?

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