25 People who tried to do their job, but they went wrong

Employees irresponsible there are in any field, and sometimes, their lack of commitment is just amazing. For example, have you ever seen burgers with double bread, or you know a synonym for the word “banana” (hint: you do not talk about “bananas”)? We invite you to see everything with your own eyes.

Great.guru compiled 25 pictures that will make you laugh and will give a good mood for the whole day.

1. When you were putting the keys and you distrajiste with your thoughts

2. In all classrooms, the hooks are hanging as well

3. How do I open the milk now?

4. A burger for vegetarians

5. And this one has dual pan

6. It is to draw the signals is not so easy

7. Another attempt

8. A piece of seat was caught in the wall

9. Thanks to this ring, find the department which is necessary is extremely difficult

10. When you ignore both the words, as the signals


11. What was he thinking the person who installed this door?

12. When you forget the word “banana”

“Yellow things long”.

13. I hope that the fans of Pikachu not see

“Solar bear”.

14. When you had three attempts and failed all

15. More or less as well

16. At least one of them came out well

17. This must have a hidden meaning

18. We all have a different notion about the fragility

“Caution: fragile”.

19. Any problem in this world can be solved with duct tape

20. That white line saves all

21. In this lift you will never find the plant necessary

22. When you make a mistake and costs you a glove

23. The tree that does not accept that we put limits

24. The person who installed these cameras I knew that spying is not good

25. This door up to give pity

Have you ever met with a few employees so irresponsible? It tell us your stories in the comments!

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