25 People who showed you what is behind the perfect photos in the redas social

How many friends are needed to take a selfie perfect? What and how much truth there is in each photo which brings together hundreds of “likes”? To create the optimal environment, users take extreme measures; this makes it so interesting to look at beyond the camera. It is just what we invite you to do!

Great.guru found 25 evidence that behind the selfies perfect always comes up with something incredibly fun.

By the end of vacation on the beach

It was difficult to find the perfect angle

Perfect lighting

“Nothing makes me happier than seeing photos of a couple in love”

When, in the super, the light is like that of a study

“So my legs look longer,” he said

When your girl takes photos of everything, and you to her

The secret of the photos with confetti is revealed

Almost without filters

Who wants to wait for the lighting of the day?

You only need a series of lights and a few hours in Photoshop

The friends are ready to all

“Mom decided to add decorations”

This is how it looks from another angle

A festive atmosphere

“For Instagram I have my other self”

“It is scarier than I thought!”

The pretty pictures require sacrifice

In reality, this clothes is scary

When your girl asks to take a photo phenomenal

When the work of photographing is almost equal to a fitness class

When you take your blog of books

Those who do not ariesga, you can’t win facebook likes

A tutorial brief to take a photo in such a way that they look so much the food as the hands

When your friends and Photoshop can create the wow effect

Clear that these photos are not enough to reveal all the truth behind the selfies. So, share your screenshots that demonstrate that not all of the images in social networks are as perfect as they seem.

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