25 People who it seems are never going to ripen

There is a special kind of people who see the world the same way both to the 7 to 77 years. His sense of humor does not lose the touch cynical, and remain as entertaining at any age and in any circumstance.

Great.guru has collected 25 photos of people who have retained their inner child in the soul, which excited much to their loved ones and colleagues. Look at this selection and load up on good vibes!

“My boyfriend and sold all kinds of things in amazon.com. This was what I saw when I got home”

“My pregnant wife is learning how to swaddle babies. Our cat doesn’t like the idea that much”

“My grandmother swimming around your living room during a flood in Houston”

“While our colleague is on maternity leave, we decided to decorate your desktop”

“It’s just a photo of a friend taken during a wedding. Enjoy it”

“A friend did a wedding at the medieval style. So he disguised himself for the celebration of your grandfather”

“My wife went on a business trip. Day 14 without it”

“So he was like a friend of 73-year-old went to the cinema to see the premiere of ’The hobbit’”

“I took a selfie cool in a game mechanic”

“I started a war with my wife”

“My grandfather is 91 years old, is a veteran of the Second World War. In this photo is in a museum on board the plane that was flying a long time ago. The canyon she loved it”

“I asked my boyfriend to choose a curtain for the shower”

“Compared to my peers with Teletubbies. I hope do not disturb”

“I came home and for 45 minutes I couldn’t find my wife: she was hidden in the couch”

“The costume of my girlfriend for Halloween loved around the world”

“I bought this beautiful in a supermarket. I can’t wait to see the reaction of my husband”

“A typical day: my neighbor dressed as a hot dog resting in the grass”

“So I came to work, where we had a costume contest christmas”

“My wife is pregnant I demanded a yogurt with the characters of Frozen in the pack”

“My dad looks as is Mark Hamill of ’star wars’. Went to see the premiere of the last film as well”

His girlfriend planned a photo session during your pregnancy, but was unable to attend. So he decided to cover it

“I took a bet with my husband that I could give him a pedicure and shaving her legs without waking him up. This is the result”

The best costume for the solar eclipse

“My husband left me this gift in the bathroom”

“I gave him a surprise to the neighbor. Did not expect that I was going to put”

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