25 People could win millions for their sense of humor

Scientists say that people with a good sense of humor have a higher level of intelligence. Even Albert Einstein said that without it there would have intellectual skills so outstanding. Of course, we can’t make jokes great every day, but there are people who can respond brilliantly to even simple situations.

Great.guru has compiled examples of jokes excellent of people who, apparently, deserve to receive the Nobel Prize for his sense of humor.

“That was what I got at the atm”

This way you have to fotografiarte in a cinema

A step forward

Doctors have a great sense of humor

An ad for a local supermarket

The police officers also know how to make jokes

Ageing with dignity. And with a sense of humor

Has reason

“At the end of the week I need a sign like that”

Has lost a leg, but has also continued her fantastic sense of humor

The postman did everything he could

For someone, February 14th is not the day more happy

“Today I have an operation. I hope that the surgeon will share my sense of humor”

Anyone have neighbors too cynical

“My boyfriend gave me these sweets when I got my drivers license”

In this way there is solved the problem of a bad morning

I really want to follow the advice

Definitely have found each other

A comment that deserves a whole world

“I sewed a few eyes to a heardit of cat and now is a monster that devours my pet”

“I’m going crazy”

“My god, my god, how boring is my life”

It grew so fast!

“All my life I have dreamed of something like this,”

“I wrote a letter to a spider that lives in the bathroom”

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