25 People that will test your patience

Do you also get upset when someone takes up 2-3 seats at a time on the train, leave a banana bitten in the refrigerator or mix the goods in the shops? Sometimes even a small detail in the behavior may make you laugh or encolerizarte.

Great.guru selected 25 failures of people who did everything wrong.

When you solved parking on the ice, and it was not the best decision

“Technically speaking, my aunt really took a screenshot: a photo of the same”

“Oh, with what a careless subject Kanye one of the most expensive things I have ever seen in my life!”

How is it possible to load the pizza as WELL?

“I had never seen warning signs that I cause physical pain due to the source used.”

“I work in a car wash. Today someone placed a bag of cement of 35 kg in the small trash container that I had to clean up”

The employees of the super did a great job!

“I bought a set of tools. To open it, you will need a screwdriver special that I don’t have”

How to occupy multiple seats at the same time: a new level (now with legs)

“So they drove for several miles, clogging the way for all of the world”

Couldn’t print a video

How do people understand that gives you a little mordidita the banana and then leave it on the table if someone else wants to?

“For more than what you want to avoid, there’s always a spoon under the stream of water”

“Do something with the settings of the mobile, it shows me the wrong time”

“My brother decided that space is not for the cassettes, but a stand for your iPhone”

“I work in a games room type quest. One of the visitors decided that, after finishing the game, I had to make a mess with all the padlocks that had been open”

“Is it so difficult to return all the goods to the site that it belongs to?”

“The employees sat down to the mannequins in chairs all free so no one could sit there”

“My friend holds the pencil as well. Does it also bother you that?”

“Please, pass me the link to that video”

“Why all the cover has the phrase ‘Remove the plastic protector’? I had ordered a red one, without inscriptions!”

When you think all the advice on the Internet

A brief instruction on how to occupy the 5 parking spaces at the same time

“My daughter always opens the box with cereal”

“Each year the employees who give technical maintenance to my water heater, will stick these stamps”

Have you ever found that the conduct of someone was so wrong that made you want to write a manual on “How not to disturb others”? Please share your stories in the comments!

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