25 People who know very well what is the autoironía

The failures are epic happens to all of us once in a while, celebrities are not an exception, but in situations like these helps us sense of humor.

In Great.guru found some great examples that demonstrate that the autoironía helps to solve any problem. If you don’t believe, look at these photos.

When it seems that the filter of Snapchat was inspired by you

“My best advice to myself: I will never ever blonde!”

During the engraving of the statuette, Leonardo DiCaprio joked: “do you Record the awards ’Oscar’ each year? Is that I have no idea”.

The local police department climbed this on your page in the National Day of the Doughnut


“I lost 210 pounds over the weekend”

The actor Jack Gleeson, who played the role of Joffrey in the series “Game of thrones”, I was watching with his friends the episode where his character dies. But they had not been warned that. Suddenly appeared in front of the screen and did this:

A good angle is important not only for the girls

Weight what I want

“I found this in the office of my dentist”

Best beauty trick level 100

“We did to my boss a competition of who had the sweater more horrible”

“On the way I saw this”

“Brief description of my doctor prosthesis”

“My friend took on the mantle of a lazy ’Zootopia’ and came to work as well”

“I started training”

When there are no longer topics of conversation

“I am looking for a job”

A reception very warm

“Finally it happened. Guys, I’ve finally become a Disney princess!”

“I saw this charming teddy bear rice and I decided to make one similar. The result is an “alien sick”.

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