25 People who earned a place in the list of “lucky People in the world”

There are people who, apparently, simply can’t not have luck. Their car keys, when they fall, they are left in the grid of the sewer, the seagulls save heroically of fines by excess of speed, and find treasures of million dollars literally under their feet. Today I will talk about them, and you will get photos that show that the fortune came into the life of this people and decided to stay there.

Great.guru has again confirmed that, for some people, the wheel of fortune can be stopped in the most unexpected places.

A seagull rescues heroically to a driver who was going to receive a fine

Found a piece of quartz with a value of 4 million USD

“Due to a failure in the system of coupons, I got 360 Snickers for free”

The keys to the car almost fell into the gutter

“I turned the roulette wheel without looking, and I received a 100% discount in my purchase”

Instead of creating a hole, this screw found the perfect place to get caught in the tire

“Due to a mistake of the packer, I paid for 200 grams of cottage cheese, and I received 400”

It seems that it was the perfect time to slow down

These friends have not changed their ticket to a delayed flight and flew three in a plane that empty. They were allowed to travel in first class and even took photos in the cockpit

That is what it means to begin the day in an excellent way

“Due to an error in the bar code, I bought an adapter for 10 EUR instead of 1000 (USD 15)”

“Your discount: 989,5 RUB”

You can never have too much luck

“I bought an avocado with a bone too small”

That is what happens when two lucky park near

“We found a bell pepper in the inside of the other that we purchased”

When you win the big prize during the breakfast

“Two hard-boiled eggs without the shell”.

Three pizzas in a pack of two

In such a moment, surely you would think to buy a lottery ticket

A soda out of the vending machine with a coin attached to it

Do Bananas doubles? Here you have peanut quintupled

“I went to a café before it closed and I was offered an additive of bacon for free because, otherwise, they would have to throw it away. Did not expect that much”

Find a strawberry so it is probably the same as winning the lottery

In those moments you feel that triunfaste in life

When a film common it becomes personal

“Well you see my brother after winning the jackpot of 1 000 tickets in a center of local entertainment”

Have you ever grinned so much luck?

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