25 People who are dying to play a prank on someone

Probably all of us have a friend who spend all day making jokes. Some really have a talent for this and such moments are worthy of being captured in photos.

Great.guru compiled the best jokes from the people who can’t pass up such a convenient location.

My wife told me that at home we would see “50 shades of Grey” (In English, “grey” means “grey”)

“One of my friends went on a journey and sent this to me”

“My friend turned 21 and this was what he wrote to his sister”

“My sister wanted to ‘just money’ for Christmas, so I gave him 20 dollars”

“The nickname my sister is a Giraffe, because it has a long neck. She hates it. This will be your birthday gift, ha!”

“My sister promised me to visit me for the weekend and take a hot chocolate with me, but decided to pass it on to their friends. I sent her this to express my disappointment”

“My father had a heart attack 2 weeks ago. My sister made this gift for Christmas…”

“My sister was removed part of the colon due to cancer. I gave this shirt to celebrate your successful surgery”

“My cousin did this for your mom on mothers Day”

“My girlfriend asked me to prepare fish for dinner. Tomorrow I will tell you if we are still together”

“I printed this image and glued in place to the flavouring of my wife when I was not at home. Sprayed acid by the mouth every 30 minutes”

“Should not have been asked to edit the family photo”

“My colleagues organised a celebration for me.”

A husband gave this to his wife for their anniversary

“I gave my whole family cups with my photos”

A joke of April fools Day

The harsh reality

“My girlfriend is short and hates pranks”

“My sister is a vegetarian and I decided to play a joke”

Not what I expected

“My sister asked to take photos of their commitment, and concealed it to Pennywise in each image”

Men never mature

“Mom, I love you, but I had to do it”

Photo session with a cat instead of a baby

“I use my drone to scare my neighbors”

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