25 Teachers who may not be more awesome than they already are

25 Profesores que no pueden ser más geniales de lo que ya son

There is a class of teachers that students remember even many, many years after the end of the school or the university. And all because these talented people not only have a great knowledge and wisdom of life, but also an incredible sense of humor.

Great.guru invites you to take a look at the characteristics that make a teacher common in the person’s favorite students. What you have also been a teacher so great?

“Our teacher wrote something brilliant on the board”

“All the years, my drawing teacher creates paintings for Halloween. This is one of those that prepared this time”

“Almost every week, our teacher gives to their students potted plants”

When your teacher is a comedian

“Our drawing teacher has made a costume of Van Gogh for Halloween”

What are you doing you two?

“The professor promised to send us the answers to the exam questions but, instead, sent us the link of a video of the Internet”

The teacher came to class in a full suit of Batman

One of the students came to class with his baby because he did not have with whom to leave it. The child broke down into tears in the middle of the exam, and the teacher began to calm him down

“My teacher came to the class today as well”

“Our teacher almost never in his office. So I stuck it in the door”

“So this is how our teacher keeps our exams.”

“The teacher took the class for her dog, and at the end we did a survey”

“Each year, when the students read the book of F. Scott Fitzgerald, The great Gatsby, our master organized in their huge house a celebration of 20 years. Then puts on his white suit, went to the window and look at all throughout the night”

The teachers took photos for the school yearbook

“So this is how my teacher puts the computer in sleep mode”

40 years ago that this teacher take a photo with the same clothes

“Our teacher began the lesson of psychology, this operative”

“We lived by looking at the clock so that the teacher covered”

A teacher must be brave

“My teacher posted this on Instagram, and then printed it and hung it in the class”

The professor left a note on the door of the class

The students passed the exam, and the professor of history decided to dress up a little to encourage them

“One of the teachers hung it in the hallway of our school”

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