25 Teachers so great that they could win a prize

There are few teachers who can boast of an absolute authority, and the interest of their students in class. However, some representatives of this profession went well out of position because they opted for methods unusual to conquer the love of his pupils.

Great.guru found some real professionals in your field that you probably know what you are interested in their students. At the end of the article you will find as a bonus the message of a teacher directed at the parents (and we can bet that none of your teachers ever said something like that).

1. “Walter White was a teacher with low pay and poor health insurance”

2. A teacher who really loves his job

3. The joke turned out to be very good

“Describe an example of a situation that is risky”

4. A professor tested how long I could spin the ball on your finger

5. Excellent reaction

6. “Today was the Day of Memes in my school”

“The rhinos are unicorns who are not in shape.
Make me change my mind.”

7. “Sometimes my students lose their pencils”

8. “He was my teacher, but retired last year. It is the most incredible I have ever known. I knew how to be a teacher”

9. “Our teacher shows us memes new each week. This is the best”

“Declaration of independence”.

10. In third grade they learn to round numbers

11. “You know that the school year will be great when Mr. Lammers comes to school with her costume of KitKat”

12. “A normal class with professor Anderson”

13. “This strange construction was made by my teacher with their own speakers”

14. “I got dressed up Indiana Jones for the day of the photo school. I am a professor”

15. “I love to draw, and I have made my living room my studio. Children like to”

16. These boys fought at school. As punishment, the teacher forced them to hold hands for an hour

17. “We have a substitute teacher very cool”

18. This teacher draws world map from memory

19. “A student brought his dog to class because there is a hurricane warning. The professor was not against”

20. On Halloween, Deadpool has a very strange

“Drawing the blueprints”.

21. “Our computer science teacher always does this when you need to see the screen”

22. “I went to ask help to the teacher and found this”

23. “So this is how our teachers take the photographs for the album”school

24. “The table of our teacher is a aquarium”

Bonus: a message from a teacher to the parents of the graduates

“Dear parents:

Your children will soon have final exams. I know that many of you are concerned because you want them to get a good grade. But, please, remember: among all the students who will take this exam there will be a painter you don’t need to vet the math; there will be an entrepreneur for anyone who is not as important to the history or literature; a musician who does not need to understand chemistry; a sportsman to which is more important the physical activity that the physical itself. Of course, it is good that their children receive high grades. But, please, do not ruin the security they have in themselves, or their dignity, if that’s not happening. Tell them that it is something normal, that this is simply a test. They are made for the most meaningful things in life. Tell them that, no matter what your qualifications, you are going to love and will not judge them. Please, do that, and simply look after how to conquer the world. A review, a bad rating will not take away their dreams and talent. And, please, do not consider doctors or engineers as the only happy people on the planet.

Have you had teachers great who left a mark on you?

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