25 Evidence that all work has its advantages

Most of us do not support to get up and go to work in the morning. But it’s not always a catastrophe. The work can bring a true pleasure, especially if you are a veterinarian and your activity is linked with kittens furry. Or when the person you interview before you celebrate Halloween, it is a serious man with a costume of a shark.

Great.guru will show you the examples most brilliant of how you have to enjoy the work.

“I work on a boat and this is what happened a couple of minutes”

“I work in the Division of Information Technology at a university. A professor called me in a panic: ’hey, I connected everything, but nothing works!’”

“I work on an oil platform, and this was what I saw in the morning”

“In our office is conducting an interview. So, we take Halloween very seriously”

“This atm dress of turkey has been making sounds of turkey on the intercom all the time”

My assistant at work

“Drawing on coffee cups when I’m bored at work”

“Oh, false alarm, only being chubby!”

A team of scientists, engineers and two pilots were able to launch successfully a house in the sky using 300 balloons as in cartoon Up: an adventure of height

A container with coins brilliant freshly made

A drone of the police capture a drone illegal

“I made a sculpture out of clamps”

“My dad is a plumber. Today you had a work with clients especially complicated”

This farmer stopped the traffic while taking his 5000 ducks for a walk to the local pond

“Your license and registration please”

Colonies of bacterial cells to create a starry night in the Petri dish

In general, for the astronauts, each day is a wonder

“Me wife gave these small cakes at work to give to clients”

“Today, my boss brought his labrador to the office”

It is now clear why children dream of becoming firefighters

This is the observation post of a temporary park ranger in Idaho

5 benefits of working for a veterinarian

A fisherman Dutch accidentally “captured” two ingots of gold. Are 12,5 kilograms of gold worth about 850 thousand euros

“You have an important job. Works in funeral homes, supporting people who lost their loved ones. She gives them all her love”

Go to work with a good mood, and you will not have to work any day of your life

What funny situations happen in your work that you want to share with the world?

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