25+ Signs that have no meaning for the normal people

Generally, traffic signs are designed to capture our attention, warn us about a possible danger or provide us with the necessary information in the pathway. However, not all the signals that you can find while driving are boring and repetititvas. With approximately 4,12 million miles of road in the united States, it is not strange to find almost any expression of human creativity embodied in this type of art.

In Great.guru reunímos 27 pictures of some traffic signs taken in various parts of the world that will definitely make you do a bunch of questions after seeing them.

27. At least someone is telling the truth here

Work without end on the road.

26. Caution: do Superman is using a bike!


25. What is this? What an old cannon artillery?

Get ready for anything unexpected.

24. “Yes, this is what there is”

Only speeds up a little more.

23. “This is exactly the place that I need after skiing”



22. The traffic signal most confusing of all

Wrong way.

Do not enter.

21. We did not know that there were ducks the size of a horse in New Zealand

20. The best way to keep a secret

Chigwell, Stanford Rivers

Brentwook , Kelvedon Hatch, Industrial Areas

Bunker nuclear “secret”

19. A time for black humor

Shedd Cementery

Road without exit.

18. Don’t forget that can harm your car

Deer suicide
The following is 1 mile

17. Really, how is a place as boring as his name?

“Boring“(a People so called, in Spanish, “Boring”)

In Oregon, United States

16. The locals do know how how to do business in south Africa

It & Eat It!

Or we die of hunger!!

15. That awkward moment in which you see this sign after you have been given a free ride to a person in the way:

State prison Next exit.

Don’t pick up people on the way!

14. “Okay, I will try”


Not fun of the natives.

13. Why do they do this?

This signal is not in use.

12. “I have to touch it now!”


This sign has sharp edges.

Do not touch the edges of this signal.

11. What is perhaps a new species?

Drunk people crossing.

10. Security is above all in the state of Rhode Island

Nothing beats the warm embrace of a safety belt.

9. Oh holy cow!

How many times this happened before they put this sign.

8. Why the signs of bridges normal are so boring

NARROW BRIDGE (strange signal of the pre-historic era)


7. These signs reveal the true identity of Superman

6. Since there are zombies everywhere!

I eat the neighbors!

5. How fast can they walk the chickens in the Uk?

Chickens, cats, children… Moves slowly.

4. Don’t drink and make signs

The traffic signal is badly written “dontt drink…” it should say, “dont drink..”

3. Thank you, genius!


Water on the road during the rain.

2. What is it that really happens to these animals?

Transiting slowly.

1. Beware of the penguins of New Zealand!

Penguins crossing


Have you ever found with traffic signals, weird or funny? Share your photos with us in the comments!

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