25 Tattoos rare that you will change your opinion on this type of art

Tattoos are a very common method of expression in the modern world. Unfortunately, in most cases, tend not to be very original. We have searched all over the Internet and, to the filter the typical hieroglyphics, small flowers, little hearts and stars, we find for you the tattoos most unusual. Probably, after seeing this article you’ll no longer have the urge to go running off to the tattoo parlor, but yes you inspirarás.

Great.guru has collected 25 photos of tattoos that were invented by creative people and by those who simply love their job. ¡Enjoy!

Cheshire cat that just looks completely in the ultraviolet light

The entropy of this tattoo increases with each stroke


Me and my dinosaur

A tattoo simple with a strong message

“I got a tattoo around my arm to always remember the year that I spent traveling the world”


The entire family of the Simpsons in a drawing

A tattoo for fans of the “star wars”

A diver and an astronaut

Dust of rainbows

Elephant in the style of Dali

A tattoo is very seductive

The phases flower of the Moon

A couch of luxury!

Subtle, erotic, not vulgar: a rare combination for a tattoo

“My tattoo secret in the form of the constellation of Orion”

A heart atomic

“Now my parents are always with me”

It has style. A lot of style and point

The creation of Adam

The persecution intergalactic

The entire visible spectrum

The tattoo of a true film buff: the symbol of the movie “The arrival”

Don Patronus!

It is impossible not to smile looking at this tattoo

Do you or your friends have tattoos original?

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