25+ Times in the hotels failed miserably and it was funny

The hotels crazy always carries around. There is one that was built of ice completely, another fleet under the water with a bedroom such as aquarium, and there is another where the guest rooms are among the branches of the trees. But there are also some that have design flaws older, many of which are really annoying, while others are simply fun.

In Great.guru we’ve created a list of hotels that have committed errors so uncomfortable that the people who stayed there could not endure the laughter to discover them.

And they say that life is complicated…

Sometimes, you need to stop to admire a paper roll

This motel claimed to have a gym

This hotel ensures that you will not incendies while bathing

“Please do not clean fish in the rooms”

Smoking is prohibited in the hotel, and the ashtrays you can remember it

Who am I to judge?

“For floor 2, press the button 6”

Where do you take these stairs?

The moral of the story: always take the elevator

Nothing happens

“I think that the ventilation in the hotel bathroom does not work”

A door to the bathroom and the closet, are lazy, or genius?

When you stay in a hotel with a discount of 75%

I told you not to you trust on that discount

Well, it’s a worthy way to use the space

What privacy? What are you talking about?

Can you pass me the salt, please?

Don’t ever share a room with someone

Designed to Spider-Man

And they say that my wifi password is rare

They said that yes they had a pool, but they forgot to mention that I was forbidden to swim there

They said that it was economic…

A organization of rooms a bit confusing

The hinge pins more secure in the world

Promised a balcony, and there it is. Do you have any other questions?

The same thing happens with the elevators

And also they promised… well, that already is too

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