26 Animals as unpredictable as Pandora’s box

The animals are an infinite source of positive emotions and fun photos. But occasionally things happen that even they expected, which startles us and mystifies them.

Great.guru compiled for you to the little animals more funny situations rather bizarre.

26. This is the end of humanity. The dogs learned to cuddle themselves! We no longer need.

25. “The cat of my mother-in-law loves sitting like this.”

24. “My wife always scolds me for not closing the furniture of the kitchen. Today showed me why.”


—Help! I want to report it to my owner lost!

—Ok. When did you lost?

—It’s 20 long minutes!

22. I think that you are trying to create their religion.

21. When instead of a dog you have a wild boar.

20. “My wife, I was blamed for not shooting the water after using the bathroom. I blame the children. Until one day I walked into the bathroom at an inopportune moment”.

19. “Now I am a beer”.

18. “I woke up and I saw that there was no pillows on the bed. I could not understand what had happened until I saw my dog, lying comfortably in the armchair”.

17. “Today we’re going to talk about the image of the cat in modern art”.

16. The revolution barking began.

15. Hostel for cats.

14. “I was in the office, I was not bothering anyone, and suddenly boom!”.

13. “Some cats will bring their owners mice, and birds as a sign of gratitude. Mine took me a teabag”.

12. When not only you are white and hairy, but also an angel.

11. “I was bathing and soon…”

10. “The one sitting across from me on the train I was snoring a lot. I pushed slightly on his seat to stop him from snoring. The snoring stopped and looked out this miracle.”

9. A point of observation very comfortable.

8. “I walked out of my house and I saw this little tucked away from the fireworks”.

7. When the dream came suddenly.

6. Comfort level: cat.

5. At the end quota.

4. “I went home and I saw this”.

3. Tired as a dog.

2. This fellow will not allow you to copy.

1. “I saw this cat hanging in the tree. It freaked Me out. I walked over to see what was happening to him: everything was fine, I was just very tired.”

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