26 Evidence that the comments of the Internet are a form of art apart

Today, the opinions of the users of the Internet are not only an opportunity to discover whether it’s worthwhile to buy this or that thing, but also a great source of creativity. Sometimes, in the web there are comments about the products and services that can form true anthologies comic.

Great.guru has put together for you 26 comments that conquered with his brightness.

The eye liner is more resistant

I just want to strive more

Sometimes it is better not to respond to the comments…

When the junk e-mail, and contextual advertising, you have had enough

Comments on the work of the police

When the developers clearly are not used to receiving compliments

It turned out to be a great gift

When you hit a manager irony of a shop mousepads

When the style is a bit inappropriate for your figure

Only unpleasant memories

What is made this printer?

When you can’t not order it

The level of justice of the comment is obvious

Bad developers

When clients want to make you move forward in your career

Some awesome upgrades

When you can find them on Google until comments on the work of the military police station

What doctor is so modern

Like in the army

A knife too multifunctional

Sounds of dubstep

“Comment on the shop:

When I walked in, I said to myself: ‘I Want a sofa that looks like sounds of dubstep’. I was skeptical, but this was great!”.

I have not been there, but what I condemn

A hat that is also a costume for the New Year

That is what leads to excellent sound insulation

When someone is able to do anything for an ice cream

Realism is frightening

And do you take screen shots of views of fun that you see when you are looking for any type of product on the Internet?

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