26 Photos that portray something that could not have happened never

“It cannot be!”, we always want to exclaim something like that when we are faced with phenomena, or rare items that we can not explain. Not everyone is so lucky, but these Internet users not only were able to see, but also photograph it.

Great.guru compiled for you 26 photos that represent something that you can only see when the circumstances coincide in a special way.


This cheeseburguer only has cheese

“The order: 1 hamburger with cheese. Without onion, without muddled, no mustard, no pickles, no bread, no meat”.

Do you still not believe in evolution?

The grass grew right on top of a sign on road

To the right: a lemon

“My plate is broken into 2 equal parts”

“I wanted to buy band-aids, but I hurt her packing”

Just 2 questions: how and why?

The wax drain in such a way that formed a pillar perfect

Something went a bit wrong

Nothing out of the ordinary, just a chair, with plug

It can’t be that headphones have been tangled in a perfect knot!

How the ninja turtles made a feast of foam?

“I left in the car, 2 bottles of water throughout the night. In a the water froze, in the other not”

“I found a wasp without a sting”

This kitchen hood does not draw any smoke

It must be the work of the Snow Queen

Where is the cabin?

I give a thousand just by know how it happened that

Is a lemon tree and an orange-vender at the same time

This chick has 4 legs

“My friend crashed into a pole. The car went through, but the pole was left hanging in the air”

This is the passion for life: the plant passes through a carpet on the sixth floor of a building

Of the back of a wooden chair trickles tar

Some letters in this announcement were scorched with the sun

“I found a plant that grows out of a mint candy”

Which of these photos is the one you have been impressed? Do you have in your collection of photos, some just as rare?

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