26 Photos that will help you survive the cold of autumn with a warm smile

To brighten the cloudy days, we have met moments extremely pleasant and happy of the life of some users of the Internet: a young girl astonished to see his great-grandmother for the first time, kittens hugging, a parent quite happy to have been given the custody of their daughter. And a bonus that will keep warm your ear and show you that not only the purring of a cat serves as tranquilizer.

Great.guru found some pictures that will cause feelings warm as soon as you see it.

It is very likely that she doesn’t give this kitty to anyone

“We’ve driven through 5 provinces and visited 5 national parks in 11 days, we had never been so happy”

When you sit for more than an hour to get a good photo

I’m completely ready to go out to the street

A loving owner wove a few ears for your bunny

When the caresses are more necessary than a hamburger

“When I see how our daughter repeats the movements of my wife, my heart is filled with peace and joy”

This little puppy looks as if all the days desmintiera a couple of myths in mythbusters

A few tabs that will be difficult to forget

When you are waiting with happiness for a meeting, but your dog has other plans

How can you resist when they look at you in that way?

You can simply adopt this corgi for their ears

The hugs of autumn does not have a price, especially if you’re a pussy bald…

…or a puppy whose owners brought home with the hope of a family to adopt

A grandfather is glad for the meeting with his granddaughter

“What is that? What is a person?”

“I was on a tour of the Castles of the Loire (France). This little puppy looked very boring, and every participant of the trip was to spend”

“My daughter looks with her costume of Cinderella for the first time”

“I am the protagonist, get me the picture to me”

This baby sees his great-grandmother for the first time

“Our dog is annoying to the person using an iPad. And he always wins”

“My cat meows until I charge it in my arms, loves to be cuddled”

“Our cats really love one another”

“I got custody of my daughter. Yesterday was our birthday-she turned 5 and I 24. The happiness in his face is my reason for living”

“Yesterday I adopted this beauty from a shelter”

“I’ll sit here while you play, I promise not to bother”

Bonus: it’s like that “purr” the raccoons

And to you, what is it that you’re glad in these evenings of autumn?

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